Iron Nitride


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Molecular Formula: FeNx

CAS #: 37245-77-5

Color: Grey

Solubility in water: Insolubility

Iron has five nitrides observed at ambient conditions, Fe2N, Fe3N4, Fe4N, Fe7N3 and Fe16N2.Iron nitride is easy to decompose at low temperatures(less than 400℃),insoluble in water. But iron nitride can react with water and release ammonia.

At high pressure, new nitrogen-rich nitrides (N/Fe ratio equal or greater to one) were discovered. These include the FeN, FeN2 and FeN4 solids which become thermodynamically stable from GPa, respectively.


◇Iron nitride can be used to prepare the strongest magnets.

◇Colloidal solution of magnetic iron nitride nanoparticles is a way to create ferrofluids.

◇Iron nitrides also make the strongest naturally magnetic material.

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